About Us
Pallewela Orthopedic & Panchakarma Ayurveda Hospital

The hospital consists of
    • OPD – Outer Patients Department
    • IPD – Inhouse  Patients Department
    • External treatment unit
    • PanchakarmaCentre
    • Orthopedic Centre
The consultant

Dr.Indunil Widyarathna is a well qualified and well experienced Ayurvedic consultant belonged to the 10 th generation of a popular family of Ayurvedic practitioners in Sri Lanka. He is a repository of vast traditional knowledge in Ayurveda handed over through centuries within the family and from the clinical and pharmacological experience gained from years of intensive and dedicated practice of Ayurveda.Not only from the family background and experience he is well qualified in Ayurvedic medical diagnosis and treatments which enables practicing this system scientifically.

Now, he has grown as one of the best of Ayurvedic Consultants in Sri lanka and known even at the International Level. He is having self-developed specialized therapeutic techniques especially for orthopedic disorders. Many foreigners visit this treatment centre to consult him for general health treatments as well as for curing disorders of various body systems. He believes in the rejuvenation of not only the body but also the mind when doing a treatment.
His Qualfications & experience

D.S.A.M.S ( Hons) University of Kelaniya- Faculty of Ayurvedic Medicne
Internship in the following institutions
Government Ayurvedic General Hodspital – Kurunegala
Bandaranayake Memorial Government Ayurvedic  Research Institute – Nawinna – Mahargama

Additional qualifications

MACF – Accupuncture - University of complementary medicine Sri Lanka
Diploma in Accupuncture – University of complementary medicine Sri Lanka
OMAMA  ( UK ) – As a member of the Ayurvedic Medical Association – UK

Extra Qualifications

Consulation of orthopedic specialization
Justice of Peace ( All island )
Ayurveda Visharadha Panditha

Working experience

Consultant Ayurvedic Physician – Simicure Hospital – Imbulgoda
Consultant Ayurvedic Physician – Herbicure Hospital – Imbulgoda
Consultant Ayurvedic Physician  - Osethra  Ayurvedic medical centre
As a medical officer - Colombo South General Hospital – Department of Acupuncture


To promote health, wellness, beauty and cure through natural healing system to mankind at an affordable cost.


To bring Ayurveda "the art of living and science of life" into the home and hearts of people all over the world.

To rediscover the healing power of Ayurveda and eradicate the maladies.