Our Special treatments

We have our own way to treat following disorders

Cervical Spondylosis (Arthritis of the Neck)

Neck pain is extremely common. It can be caused by many things, and is most often related to getting older.Like the rest of the body, the bones in the neck (cervical spine) slowly degenerate as we age. This frequently results in arthritis. Arthritis of the neck is called cervical spondylosis.Cervical spondylosis is the degeneration of the joints in the neck. It becomes increasingly more common as people age. More than 85% of people over age 60 are affected.Although it is a form of arthritis, cervical spondylosis rarely becomes a crippling or disabling type.
Understanding your spine and how it works can help you better understand cervical spondylosis.

Lumbar spondylosis

Lumbar Spondylosis is a medical condition wherein the person suffers from degeneration of inter-vertebral discs as well as facet joints. Lumbar spondylosis is related to the lower bone region of the body. Besides, spondylosis affects in thoracic (below neck), lumbar (lower bone), and/or cervical (neck) regions of the spine, bringing uncomforted pain in the area. It is said to be more prone to people above the age of forty. It occurs to old aged people as the sizes of discs changes, leading to the cause of various health disorders including back pain.
This also cured at our hospital after better understanding the level of disorder.

Slip disc

A slip disc is when the soft part of the disc bulges through the circle of connective tissue.This prolapsed may push on the spinal cord or on the nerve roots. However, it is worth noting that 20 per cent of the population has slipped discs without experiencing any noticeable symptoms.The term 'slipped disc' does not really describe the process properly – the disc does not actually slip out of place, but bulges out towards the spinal cord.

Disk Herniation

Vertebral fractures

Spinal Injuries

Bone injuries


Traction Treatment

We have our own way of traction treatment done under the close supervison of the Ayurvedic Consultant. Traction allows for increased range of motion with increased tissue elasticity. With the increased elasticity and improved blood flow, a person will have decreased symptoms while being able to move more. Traction will also decrease pressure on vertebral structures and will cause an unloading effect on spinal nerves and discs. This unloading will decrease symptoms and pain caused by the pinching of nerves and will decrease pressure on the disc.
A person can expect to have a short-term increase in range of motion and a short-term decrease in pain. When traction is used by itself, it has only been shown to have short-term relief, but when combined with other physical therapy treatment procedures, these short-term changes can have long-term changes with increased range of motion, increased mobility, and decreased pain.

In house treatment Packages

We have special treatment packages (14 day, 30 day, etc…) for above disorders and more diseases at our hospital. Air-conditioned rooms with attached bathrooms are available with foldable beds. All the rooms are fully tiled. Ayurvedic food will be provided during the period. 24 hours rooms assistance service is available.

Treatments for other diseases

In addition to above treatments we treat diseases such as ….

High blood pressure and high cholesterol 
Mental stress
Nicotine abuse (Smoking)
Obesity (overweight)
Kidney stones
Diseases of the nervous system
Early stages of cervical spondylosis
Early stages of prostate enlargement
ENT diseases
Gynaecological disorders.
Hair Loss